Saturday, July 30, 2011

FAIL Dora the Explorer

Er... I guess this would be a win if you were 4, but it is a real FAIL in my opinion. The whole show is first of all ruined by the title, and secondly, Its a whole hour of you having to speak with Dora, as always. This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing off.

Friday, July 29, 2011

FAIL Albert

This guy was kinda creepy. I used to have nightmares about him coming out of the TV and squashing me with his fatness. That does sound weird, but I really had that dream. I have also watched only 3 episodes, and I refuse to look at him for more than a second. Even typing this post creeps me out. This has been Grant Fitzsimmons, signing off.

FAIL Shrinky Dinks

Grant Fitzsimmons, with a FAIL-A-PALOOZA to make up for lost time. Be sure to check for 3 new fails for the rest of the week, every day! Starting today, ending at August 5, we will have 3 fails every day. To the review, so we tried to make a few Club Penguin themed Shrinky Dinks in honor of our closed website, Glf & Turtleboy. They really did not turn out like they promised. Is it a FAIL or are we doing it wrong? 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WIN Games... AGAIN?

A CREATE-ive game for future designers, with patterns, shapes, and worlds to explore. As an artist myself, I would say any game with visual arts is a WIN in my book. Check out our Facebook today:
And Twitter will be coming soon! Keep up with whats hot, and whats not.

Monday, July 25, 2011

WIN Xbox Game

A great game, for physics and learning too! Not just a Call of Duty type game, but an educational one too! With the value of memory, aim, and more. This is a definite WIN! The best Xbox 360 game ever!! By the way, check out our Facebook Page,

WIN or FAIL Winnie the Pooh?

A wonderful kids movie, filled with adventure, laughs, and fun for the family. A 1 hour, 10 minute movie with not much suspense, but more comedy for the younger ones, and if you look closely, some for the moms and dads. It features the original gang, Pooh, Tiger, the Kangaroos, Eeyore, and of course, Christopher Robinson. I would rate it 3 stars, due to the overload of musical numbers, but the other three due to the amazing comedy. A definite watch, but not a definite WIN.

FAIL Elmo Tickle Gloves

A new line of toys from Elmo lead to bad ideas, TICKLE HANDS. What do they mean? What are these even needed for? This comes in the hand series with Elmo Hand Puppet. These are bad hand toys intended for toddlers. How bad was this FAIL? Rate in the comments from 0-100.